Lewis Capaldi Serenades The Reunions At Heathrow Airport

The movie Love Actually is responsible for making us all realise what emotional places airports are. Now Lewis Capaldi has upped the ante by performing in the international arrivals hall at London’s Heathrow Airport, the very location referenced in the film.

The hall is packed with people awaiting an emotional reunion with their loved ones, many are carrying banners, flowers and balloons. However, even their anticipation and excitement don’t stop them from watching Lewis as he sings. He performed his new single, Wish You The Best, to the delight of the crowd who all pulled out their phones to record it

In a twist, the fans who were recording the show were then recorded themselves. Initially, the video cuts to many of the people waiting for loved ones that day. There is a mixture of anticipation, excitement, love and little anxiety on their faces. Later, we are shown clips of many of the reunions and get to enjoy the hugs, kisses and tears as the reunions occur.

To illustrate how long they have been parted, the friends and family were then given the chance to pose for the video. Various couples and groups stood in front of a backdrop and held up a whiteboard showing how long they had been separated for. The times vary from 5 days to 8 years. It’s so lovely and Lewis’ song and haunting, raspy voice compliments it perfectly.

YouTube has gone mad for both the song and the video. It was uploaded to Lewis’ channel a month ago and has already been viewed 2.1 million times. It’s clear from the comments that this song has touched many people in a very special and personal way. One person exclaimed, “Whoever came up with this idea for the music video, thank you! This is beautiful and I’m crying my eyes out 🥹”.

Another commenter explains why the song hits as hard as it does: “So, you have put airports and this song together. I am sobbing… I’ve said goodbye so many times, I left home, came back again, welcomed my loved ones and then said goodbye again and it never gets easier. This one cuts deep Capaldi!!!”

Ever since his first song, Bruises, amassed 28 million listens on Spotify, emotion has been a hot topic for Lewis Capaldi. His songs touch our hearts deeply and he is able to convey emotional pain better than any other artist today. He has also been candid about his struggles with his mental health. Lewis has Tourette’s Syndrome and has begun to suffer from panic attacks due to the pressures of being in the spotlight.
He has gone so far as to say that he may even retire from music if his mental health gets any worse.

Let’s hope Lewis’ mental health improves both for his sake and for all of his fans. His first album and several of his singles have gone multi-platinum, and his self-deprecating humour in interviews regularly delights the general public. Once you’ve enjoyed his show at Heathrow, why not go back to where it all started and check out the official music video for Bruises. Go on, it won’t hurt! If you would like to see more from Lewis Capaldi, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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