Watch As The Cast Of Les Miserables Rehearses For The 85th Academy Awards

It doesn't matter how famous you are, how much experience you have or how many awards you've won, the Academy Awards are a big deal! So when the cast of the movie version of Les Miserables was invited to perform at the 85th Academy Awards, every cast member wanted to make sure their performance would be perfect.

Because of the way films are made, they had never all performed together in one place, so their first rehearsal had a family atmosphere. Naturally, due to the fame of Les Miserables, lip-syncing was unthinkable, so everyone wanted to make sure their singing was pitch-perfect.

Many professionally released songs, as well as songs in movies, have gone through the auto-tune process. The wonderful thing about the cast's performance at the Oscars is it gives them a chance to prove it's all them in the film. They sang live in the movie, and now people all over the world can see them do it again. They were backed up by chorus members who sing in Les Miserable regularly in London or Broadway and are used to having to bring it every time.

It was a star-studded show! Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne, Anna Seyfried and Sasha Baron Cohen all took to the stage. Three of the cast had either won Oscars previously or would win them later. Anne Hathaway won her best-supporting actress Oscar for her role in Les Miserables.

The show had to be perfect! The movie's director Tom Hooper and the original stage producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh both rocked up to give the cast the benefit of their experience for the big night. The cast, prosaically dressed in street clothes, practised for hours to ensure every element was perfect.

Packed into a small room, they gave it everything they had. Seeing huge Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway rehearsing is so much fun. It makes them seem more human somehow. Even in as exclusive a rehearsal as this, though, cameras were not banned. You can see Sasha Baron Cohen recording the proceedings while he was not needed.

It's a wonderful video that has been viewed 14 million times, so take a minute to watch it now.

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