Kansas Schoolgirl Tiffany Day Serenades A Well With Hallelujah

Meet Tiffany Day, a wonderfully talented singer who has become famous for singing down a well in Italy. Since its release by Leonard Cohen in 1984, the song Hallelujah has been covered numerous times. Jeff Buckley, Alexandra Burke, and Pentatonix have all recorded beautiful versions. Now we have another exceptional version to listen to.

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During the holidays, Kansas schoolgirl Tiffany Day was on a school trip to Italy with her choir, The Madrigals. When the group arrived in Spoleto, they visited the city's wishing well. While chatting excitedly, they noticed that the well had a very cool echo, but only Tiffany saw the potential.

She leaned towards the mouth of the well and began to sing Hallelujah. The echo of the well added power and an otherworldly quality to Tiffany's already gorgeous voice. It almost sounds like others are singing with her from far away. The camera is mainly focused on Tiffany, but other members of her group are obviously loving her performance. It seems certain that everyone else in the area did too.

Since Tiffany uploaded the video to her YouTube page, it has been viewed 7.6 million times and received 463,000 likes. Many of the comments are tongue-in-cheek, referring to The Ring, Pennywise, etc. they are all full of praise for her beautiful voice. One user summed it up perfectly, "Just Beautiful Tiffany, really well done, you have such a gifted an uplifting voice, Thank you".

If you haven't seen this video, you should definitely correct that now! The only problem is that the video is less than a minute, so it's not the full song. Worry not; Tiffany has you covered! A couple of months before she uploaded this incredible performance, she added another one. It's a recording of her singing the song in full from the comfort of her own home.

The setting may be more mundane than Spoleto, but her voice is every bit as pure, and her singing is still flawless. It's no wonder Tiffany has almost a million subscribers to her channel. So, if you love the well video and want to hear more, check this one out too.

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