Legión’s FIERY America’s Got Talent Audition Earns Them A Golden Buzzer

Before you read any further, we’d like to point out that setting fire to your shoes is incredibly dangerous and should not be tried at home. In fact, as we’re sure you’ll agree, that sort of thing should be left to professionals like Legión, the Argentine dance group who gave a fiery audition performance on America’s Got Talent a few days ago. Impressing both the judges and audience, the ten-piece group delivered a Malambo routine with a dramatic twist – their boots were on fire as they danced.

Dressed in fearsome black gauchos outfits complete with wide-brimmed hats, the ten dancers were clearly excited and confident about their act, telling the judges that they had often rehearsed until 2 o’clock in the morning for this audition and had no doubt that they could win the competition. And although that statement initially sounded a little presumptuous, when the group finally began their performance it sounded more like it had actually been an extremely realistic prediction.

As the dancers got into position, the audience waited for the music to start. Instead, two black-clad men appeared on the stage and immediately turned up the tension by setting the group’s boots on fire. Astonished screams erupted from the audience, whilst Sofia Vergara shouted in disbelief. From then on, Legión had the attention of every single person watching, and the screams only got louder as they performed an exhilarating, meticulously choreographed routine complete with drums and whips.

If you’ve never heard of the Malambo before and find yourself intrigued by it after Legión’s performance, check out this video of another company performing their version of the dance in Spain in 2016. Whilst this group might not literally be on fire, they still deliver an electrifying routine with energetic dance moves and incredibly accurate footwork. “This is beautiful, the coordination at the beginning is spectacular,” said one viewer, summarizing the thoughts of many fellow Malambo fans.

As for Legión, there was still more to come from their America’s Got Talent audition. The group was visibly emotional as they prepared to hear the judges’ feedback, and they certainly didn’t come away disappointed, with Heidi Klum dubbing it “incredible” and Simon Cowell calling the group “exciting,” “new,” and “real.” It was Sofia Vergara, however, who was the most taken with the group, partially on account of her South American heritage. “I’ve seen this dance many times,” she says, prompting boos from some audience members who think she is about to dish out some criticism. But at the last second, she turns it around: “I have never seen anything like that,” she finishes, “and that’s exactly why I’m going to do this.” Then, as Simon Cowell watches open-mouthed, she slams her hand on the Golden Buzzer, prompting Legión to erupt into an overjoyed celebration and giving us all the opportunity to witness their incredible dancing again in the semi-finals.

If you would like to see more from this dynamic and talented dance group, you can follow their fiery performances on their [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/companialegion/) for more incredible routines.

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