Junior Ice Dancers Stun YouTube With Beautiful Routine

This is Leah Neset and Artem Markelov. They’re a junior ice skating dance team that formed during the difficulties of 2020. This wonderful video showcases how incredibly well they have done to form such a tight performing bond when for the first months of their partnership they could only practice off the ice.

Leah began skating with the Magic City Figure Skating Club when she was only four years old. Following her young start to the sport, she moved to Colorado Springs with her family to train with the ice dancing team there under the guidance of a coach named Elena Dostatni.

Artem is a Russian ice dancer from Volgograd. He started learning to ice skate when he was nine years old. He moved to Moscow in 2019 to take his passion to the next level. The dance team found each other through a website that matches ice skaters looking to create new partnerships.

On Ice Perspectives

This brilliant YouTube channel was created by a videographer called “Jordan Cowan” who has an incredible talent for capturing ice dancers in action. His videos showcase these gracious performers from a perspective you don’t get to see when watching competitions on TV. His videos are truly remarkable. Take a look at the video below which is another stunning performance videoed by One Ice Perspectives. This time the ice skaters are Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron.

About Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron

The figure skating couple have a list of incredible achievements including being four-time World champions, five-time consecutive European champions, and six-time Frech national champions. They also won a silver medal in 2018 at the Olympics and have been champions of the Grand Prix figure skating. Gabriella Maria Papadakis was born on the 10th of May 1995 in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Guillaume Cizeron was born on the 12th of November 1994 in Montbrison, France.

The video below is Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron showcasing their “Rhythm Dance”. The video was recorded on the first week of April 2019, just before the ice dance couple left for World Team Trophy. This incredible action video was recorded by a very talented videographer called “Jordan Cowan” who runs a YouTube channel named “On Ice Perspectives”.

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