Kimi Has Idol Fans In Tears With Heartfelt Song About His War-Torn Homeland Sung In Native Language

This month, 25-year-old Kosovo singer Kimi had one of the most unforgettable auditions on American Idol, which left many fans in tears. The young man of Albanian descent lives in Brooklyn, but he left his heart in his war-torn homeland, which came out in the audition in an unexpected way. Kimi initially sang Tom Odell’s “Heal”, and showed off a gorgeous R&B voice that is truly one of a kind.

Kimi’s performance was touching but he seemed to be trying too hard, and some of the notes were a bit pitchy, leading him to apologize to the judges. Katy Perry had the inspiration to have Kimi call his beloved mother and ask what song he wanted to sing to her. This is where the young man really took flight, singing a heart-aching song about leaving his homeland, and how his heart still remains there. All nerves were forgotten as he sang in his native language, creating a truly powerful moment.

Fans couldn’t get enough of Kimi’s heartfelt performance and his unique story. His audition has already amassed 1.1 million views since it was uploaded just two weeks ago. His performance made a big impression on many fans, as seen in comments below his audition such as, “The second song moved me to tears although I couldn’t understand a word” and “Thanks for making a 58-year-old Albanian man cry – it hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Kimi explained the meaning of the second song, sung in Albanian, to the judges, saying “It’s about leaving your country, your mother, your family and everything else. But it says that no matter what, I still love you, and my heart is with you. I’m very proud of where I come from, because we went through a lot.” American Idol really knows how to bring in talents who can tug at the heartstrings, as seen in Iam Tongi’s viral audition last season.

Kimi, who was fighting back tears by this point, talked to his mom after the second song, and said that she told him he sang “so good.” Perry then chimed in with “We think you sang so good too. When you’re singing from your heart and not from your head, you’re connected. When you’re singing from all that pain, and your story, and your background – that’s where you sing from every single time.” The other judges agreed, gave him three yes votes and then declared that he was on his way to Hollywood.

You can follow the remarkable journey of 25-year-old Kosovo singer, Kimi, who touched the hearts of many through his unforgettable audition on American Idol. Stay updated with his soulful performances and captivating story of resilience.

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