Calum Scott’s Heavenly Vocals On AGT Elevated By Beautiful Dance By Amputee Musa Motha

Calum Scott performing his evergreen hit “You Are the Reason” on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League was already heavenly, thanks to his incredible voice. However, the performance last month managed to hit an even higher level due to the appearance of South African dancer Musa Motha. The 28-year-old dancer is a cancer survivor who lost his leg while battling the disease, but what he never lost was his inspiring spirit and talent.

Scott opened the performance of his five-times US Platinum hit with that iconic vocal line and, of course, he just sang it like a bird. Cowell, who gave Scott the golden buzzer all the way back in 2015 on Britain’s Got Talent, looked on like a proud dad as the English star delivered everything he had. After the first chorus, Scott introduced Motha, who walked onstage with a pair of walking sticks, but quickly threw one aside and began a mesmerising dance.

The combination of Scott’s moving vocal performance and Motha’s passionate dance created a truly inspiring moment. It goes without saying that watching a man with one leg dance so fluidly is just amazing, but Motha brought more than that to the stage. His passion for what he does simply pours out of him and seeing someone so perfectly in the moment like that is a real treat to watch.

Scott gave it up to Motha afterwards, saying “You are such an inspiration. You’re so incredible. It’s a pleasure and an honor to share the stage with you, and this is just the beginning. You are gonna be a superstar.” Motha was clearly deeply touched and said, “It’s such an honor – I couldn’t believe it when I was told that I’m going to perform with him. This is a dream come true.” You can watch Scott’s legendary audition on Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” from Britain’s Got Talent below.

Scott and Motha teaming up was a big hit with fans online, who added comments such as “I am crying. Someone is cutting onions. That was incredible” and “The sheer emotion and feeling from Calum singing this song, added to the amazing skill and interpretation by Musa add up to a heart-wrenching and outstanding performance. Two talented and inspiring performers!”

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