10-Year-Old Karolina Protsenko’s Violin Busking Session With Cute Dancing Toddlers Goes Viral

The 10-year-old Karolina Protsenko’s violin busking performance went majorly viral, but it wasn’t just her amazing violin playing that people tuned in to watch. Karolina effortlessly skipped and danced as she played, and she inspired several toddlers nearby to come and join her performance, where they danced adorably. This winning combination made the video a huge hit on YouTube, attracting 51 million views, making it the fourth most popular video on her channel.

The young Californian violinist played French-Brazilian band Kaoma’s “Lambada”, which takes inspiration from Bolivian folk music. The song features an insistent percussion groove and a catchy accordion melody, which Karolina skillfully reinterpreted for the violin. The young musician is quite the violin prodigy, and she shows off remarkable skill with the instrument. She also really knows how to entertain a crowd, as her street performance attracted a large crowd of onlookers.

Fans really loved Karolina’s playing and the sweet moment captured in the video, and added comments such as, “Beautiful playing! Love to see kids so free and joyful, not worried about what anyone thinks, just enjoying the music! That’s the way life should be!” and “She can literally stop traffic with her talent. Amazing.”

Karolina commented on the video about her choice for the cover, saying, “I love Kaoma’s “Lambada” so much. And all these beautiful little dances! I hope you like my violin version.” Karolina has built up quite a following and has 8.37 million YouTube subscribers. Another popular video from the violinist shows her cover of Dua Lipa’s “Levitating”. It has a similar vibe to the “Lambada” video, as it’s a street performance that again features a cute spontaneous dance from a toddler in the audience.

Karolina is now aged 15. Her street performance of “Lambada” was uploaded in 2019 and became one of her first viral videos. She has continued to build her presence online since then by uploading several YouTube videos a week, which often feature her street performances.
The young violinist showed off excellent taste with her selection of Kaoma’s “Lambada” for her setlist. The 1989 release was Kaoma’s first single from their debut album, Worldbeat. It became the group’s sole international number one hit, topping the charts in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.
The Portuguese language song is a rearrangement of Márcia Ferreira’s 1986 hit “Chorando Se Foi”. The latter song itself took inspiration from Cuarteto Continental’s recording of “Llorando se fue”, which is a Bolivian folk song.

For more incredible performances by the young violin prodigy, Karolina Protsenko, you can subscribe to her YouTube Channel. Also, make sure you follow her on Facebook to get real-time updates about her beautiful music and energetic performances. She captivates audiences with her amazing talent and inspires young ones to join her in showcasing their talents.

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