Julia Westlin Independent Singer-Songwriter From Sweden

Julia Westlin is a self-described independent artist, singer, songwriter, and fashion model. Westlin was born on 14th May 1988 and hails from Sweden. Already an established musical artist in her own right she moved from Sweden to Canada, to move in with her partner at the time in 2012. On making the move, she found that her music career really started to kick off.

Westlin has performed at numerous shows around the globe demonstrating her musical talents. The highly successful Swedish artist has been chosen to compose soundtracks for the film industry and video games as well as for companies and for many others.

Westlin has been described as having a voice akin to the great Celine Dion, her mellow tones and soft, caressing vocals giving her performances the smooth and relaxing feel of a pure chillout track. Always one to be at home in nature, she is a self-confessed nature lover who spends her time walking barefoot, her appearance reflecting her style of music beautifully as she models her look to suit the occasion, often wearing her hair down in long loose styles.

Westlin has fifteen published albums, and with the launch of her extremely successful YouTube channel has garnered over 70 million views from her videos on the platform.

Not one to stop at just views she has a community of almost 600,000 subscribers who follow her on her YouTube channel, not a small number by any means. Westlin has seen growing popularity due to her cover songs as well as her original compositions.

The singer also has a truly stunning Acapella vocal talent, often singing without accompaniment or with her now fiancé in her performances on YouTube. Her style of vocals leaves the audience stunned and transfixed as her videos are often focused on the art.

Her style of dress, which is usually long flowing dresses, barefoot with her hair left loose gives the impression that you are truly out in nature with this spectacular artist when she is filming her videos.

Westlin is a true talent and is well worth your time, you can find her on YouTube or on her official website.

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