‘Rumour Has It’ Julia Gagnon Is One To Watch On American Idol 2024

21-year-old Julia Gagnon has been taking viewers by storm during her participation in the 2024 season of American Idol. The Maine-based singer has been impressing the judges each week with covers of some of the greatest vocalists ever to grace our ears, including Jennifer Holliday, Whitney Houston, and Cass Elliot. For her Top 24 performance, Julia worked on a performance of Adele’s “Rumour Has It,” with mentor Tori Kelly.

The young singer impressed viewers with her powerful voice during the performance. She showed off her range, living up to the demands of the challenging song by proving she could hit those low notes while still staying pitch-perfect at the top of her range. Her impressive final note was met with cheers from the crowd and a standing ovation from the judges. Online viewers were impressed, too, with fans leaving comments that read, “Talk about goosebumps!” and “She could sing anything.”

Julia has been wowing audiences ever since her first audition for the show. In an emotional introduction, she told the judges the story of how she had been born in Guatemala but moved to Maine when she was adopted. She recently got back in touch with her birth mother, and although she couldn’t go and visit her in Guatemala, she wanted to do something to make her proud. So, she decided to apply to American Idol to do something big and make her mother proud – and do something big she did.

When Julia told the judges she would be singing ‘Ain’t No Way’ by Aretha Franklin, they shared a look of disbelief. As Lionel Richie put it, “There are some songs that you just don’t sing, and that’s one of them.” Not only did Julia sing the song, but she impressed the judges with her performance so much that they gave her the final Platinum Ticket to take her to the second round of Hollywood Week. Online viewers were equally as impressed, commenting, “You just met Julia before she is famous.”

As the competition has progressed, Julia has consistently performed songs by the most impressive vocalists from throughout history. Julia Gagnon has indeed made her mark on this year’s season of American Idol. After delivering another impressive performance with Whitney Houston’s ‘Run To You’ in the Top 14 round, Julia has now advanced into the Top 12. With many fans convinced that she is the frontrunner of this year’s show, many are eagerly awaiting to see if she can clinch the top spot with her soulful vocals and become 2024’s American Idol.

If you are captivated by the astonishing talent of Julia Gagnon and want to keep up with her musical journey, you can follow her on social media. Connect with Julia on Facebook or check out her latest vocal performances on her Instagram.

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