Jonas Brothers REUNITE For Fire-Fuelled Medley At 2019 Billboard Music Awards

The Jonas Brothers set the teen-pop scene on fire back in 2007, but ten years later, their long-awaited return from hiatus shocked the world and sent the fangirls screaming all over again — their crazy live performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards proves it!

This 2019 set saw three songs mashed into a medley, journeying through each of the three brothers’ solo projects before landing full-blast on their first lead single post-hiatus, “Sucker.” Their gig has already gained over 5 million YouTube views!

Track one, “Jealous” is plucked from Nick Jonas’ discography, the second single off his second solo studio album released back in 2014. After Nick (aged 27 at the BMA gig) takes on the first verse alone, sporting a guitar and falsetto vocals, Joe Jonas (29) jumps into vision, taking to the stage to slay the chorus with classic frontman energy, serving the rockstar grit lacking in Nick’s own voice.

“Jealous” pop groove is cut open by a rock guitar riff, leading into medley track two, “Cake By The Ocean”— debut single for Joe Jonas’ post-Brothers band, DNCE. This rock-dance group only released one album, 2016’s self-titled “DNCE”, which hardly broke the Top 40 in most countries’ album charts, but somehow shot to #3 in New Zealand. This debut/lead single, however, hit the Top 10 in nearly twenty countries, making it a modern one-hit wonder.

Rounding off their medley, the reunited Jonas Brothers performed their latest #1, “Sucker” on a stage designed like a pyrotechnic hellscape, joined by the final brother, Kevin (32), playing a white Les Paul guitar. “Sucker” was released as a single in March 2019, a full ten years after the trio’s final pre-hiatus record. It even picked up a Billboard Music Award the following year for Best Radio Song.

The Jonas Brothers’ original era only lasted from around 2005 to 2009, but after four studio albums and a huge Disney Channel following on the back of two Camp Rock movies with Demi Lovato and collabs with Miley Cyrus, the trio became teen legends. Formed in New Jersey, the youngest brother, Nick, was only 14 when The Jonas Brothers released their debut record and 16 when they picked up their first Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

The band’s split was spurred by a “deep rift” between members, according to Rolling Stone. However, their Billboard Music Awards medley cleverly leads viewers through the murky dissociation of their solo records before reaffirming the brothers’ solidarity as a pop-rock trio and a stellar flashback act for 2000’s teens.

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