Country Star Chris Stapleton Channels Willie Nelson In This Beautiful Cover Of ‘Always On My Mind’

‘Always On My Mind’ has been covered by many musical greats over the years. From Elvis, to the Pet Shop Boys, to Willie Nelson, the song has been a worldwide hit numerous times since it was written in the early 1970s, thanks to its heart-wrenching lyrics and plaintive melodies. Back in 2023, meanwhile, country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton added his name to the list of artists who have covered this song, by delivering a beautiful rendition as part of Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday concert.

Channeling Nelson’s own country-hued version of the track (which was released in 1982 and won numerous Grammy awards), Stapleton’s version begins with just his recognizable, resonant voice and a soft piano part, with audible cheers coming from the audience as they begin to recognize the song he is about to perform. Melodic guitars, gentle drums and soulful backing vocals are later brought in too, giving the whole performance a heart-warming, melancholic and ultimately emotional feel.

In fact, Stapleton’s performance was so effortlessly emotional that it has since been watched by almost 4 million people, with one viewer deeming him “a national treasure,” and another calling him “a modern day Elvis Presley.” Those who were in the audience were obviously feeling the emotional side of the song too, with many sweet shots being shown of couples with their arms around each other as Stapleton sang, or swaying gently in time with the music, enjoying such a flawless performance.

But Stapleton is not a one-trick pony, as proved by his driving, rootsy performance of ‘You Should Probably Leave’ back in 2021 on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Wearing his trademark Sturgis straw cowboy hat, Stapleton’s vocals are suitably heartfelt and expressive, while his guitar playing is subtle enough to not draw attention away from his vocal melodies. The performance is also notable for featuring Jimmy Fallon himself on guitar, standing in for Stapleton’s usual guitarist who was unwell.

Based on these two performances, it quickly becomes clear that Chris Stapleton is one of America’s best-loved country performers for a reason. His take on Willie Nelson’s version of ‘Always On My Mind’ is particularly notable in this sense. He put his own stamp on it without distracting from what makes the song so beautiful in the first place, and such a big hit for many artists over the last fifty years.

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