John Lennon & Paul Simon’s HILARIOUS Skit At The 1975 Grammy Awards

Each Grammy Awards ceremony is packed full of unforgettable, star-studded moments, performances, and speeches like time capsules of a generation. But John Lennon and Paul Simon’s appearance at the 17th Grammy Awards back in 1975 is a TV throwback like no other: fashionably retro and hilarious, unlike anything aired since.

Taking to the stage to present the award for 1975’s Record of the Year, John Lennon and Paul Simon joined show host, Andy Williams, for a short comedy skit before unveiling the nominees. With his trademark sarcasm and wit, John kicked off their script, saying “Hello, I’m John. I used to play with my partner Paul,” before Paul Simon added, “I’m Paul, I used to play with my partner, Art,” leaving Andy Williams to steal the punchline, “I’m Andy and I used to play with my partner, Claudine.”

Their banter flourished, awkwardly scripted yet fitted with the humour of three iconic personalities. Andy even finished their skit telling Lennon & Simon, “The music that you fellas wrote really influenced my life, and wrote the story of me and my partner. It started off like “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and it finished with “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

After announcing the Record of the Year nominees (Elton John, Roberta Flack, Joni Mitchell, Olivia Newton-John, Maria Muldaur), John announced, “And the winner is…” like a pantomime performer before proclaiming, rather uninterestingly, Olivia Newton-John. But when the soon-to-be Grease star failed to show up for the ceremony, Paul Simon’s partner-in-rhyme, Art Garfunkel, accepted the award on Olivia’s behalf.

Paul & Art (both aged 33 at the time of their 1975 Grammy’s appearance) formed the legendary New York-based folk-rock duo, Simon & Garfunkel — themselves winners of nine Grammy Awards, four Grammy Hall of Fame Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Award, mostly thanks to their unstoppable 1971 album and hit single, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” After five studio albums, the duo split in the early 1970s but has reformed several times over the decades since for multiple reunion tours and special appearances.

John Lennon, meanwhile, formed 1/4 of the Liverpudlian pop band, The Beatles, before setting off on his solo venture in 1970, crowned by the release of his hit anti-war single, “Imagine.” A bubblegum pop songwriter turned political activist, Lennon’s legacy is unquestionable, consistently named alongside Paul McCartney as the most influential songwriters in pop music history.

Winner of six Grammy Awards and two posthumous recognitions (1982’s Album of the Year with the final record “Double Fantasy” and a 1991 Lifetime Achievement Award), John Lennon’s extensive list of accolades even includes a 1994 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame by Paul McCartney.

With over 3.4 million YouTube views, this Grammy’s scene has taken on a life of its own, epitomizing John & Paul’s personalities in this unique and thrilling moment. For more about the legendary musician, Paul Simon, subscribe to his YouTube Channel and follow him on his official Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also visit his website for more updates.

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