Ash Morgan’s Blind Audition EMBODIES Heart & Soul Of The Voice UK

Ash Morgan’s blind audition for The Voice UK’s second season was a moment to remember; a nucleus of supernova energy just waiting to detonate on-stage. Ash didn’t fit the stereotypical mould of a pop star, but his voice compelled all four judges — Jessie J,, Sir Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue — to turn their chairs for a glimpse of the unlikely man behind this incredible performance.

Ash’s song choice was just as bold as his voice. Taking to the stage with INXS’s 1988 smash hit “Never Tear Us Apart,” Ash’s voice rang velvet smooth, captivating the live audience from his first line until the very end. His vocal range was exceptional despite the minor flaws which sparked some funny looks from Danny. But after hitting a perfect first chorus, Jessie J was quick to turn her chair, smitten and rushing to the edge of Ash’s stage to watch up-close in wonder and encouragement.

Jessie hardly needed to make Ash’s audition any more unique than it already was — Ash slayed the song, and after Danny spun his chair around, and Sir Tom soon followed in quick succession.

Born and raised in Glamorgan, South Wales, Ash was 27 when he auditioned for The Voice UK in 2013. He made it all the way to the live shows on Jessie J’s team, singing “Sweet Dreams,” Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House,” and Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” before being eliminated in the semi-finals.

Before his audition, Ash worked with special needs students in a job he described as “challenging but really, really rewarding.” Shockingly, Ash had never had a single singing lesson before wowing the nation on The Voice, claiming the first time he’d ever sung in public was a karaoke performance when he was 16 and that he had rarely performed in public since. But despite his nerves, Ash gave one of the most exceptional first performances the show had ever seen.

Ash’s blind audition has gathered 55 million more views than the track’s official music video (surprisingly raking in fewer than 1M views), cementing his name in Voice UK history. With over 70M views collectively across his Voice UK YouTube videos, Ash’s first audition captures every single element which makes The Voice unique among the oversaturation of TV talent shows. Ash even mentioned in his audition tape, “to be able to go up there and to be judged purely on vocal ability I think is really liberating, actually.”

Check out more from this powerhouse vocalist, Ash Morgan. Be sure to follow his YouTube Channel for more amazing performances. You can also keep up with him and his ongoing journey on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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