Adele Sings “Hello” While Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Jam On Kids’ Instruments

Adele has performed many great live arrangements of her hits over the years, but one of the most memorable is surely her version of “Hello” with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, who jammed on kids’ instruments. Adele somewhat looked like a teacher leading her students in a classroom jam, as Jimmy Fallon and The Roots gave the performance an air of childlike joy while playing the quirky arrangement.

“Hello” was a seven times Platinum hit for Adele, so you’ve probably heard it plenty of times before, but never quite like this. The studio arrangement is extremely sparse, allowing The Roots to really go to town and give it a new flavor on the live cut. The band featured nine musicians, including Fallon, and they created a somewhat retro arrangement with plenty of groove, despite the toy instruments.

The video was quite a hit for Adele, and at 60 million views, it is one of the most popular performances on The Tonight Show YouTube channel. Fans really appreciated the quirky performance, and added comments such as “Adele probably has one of the most powerful voices ever in the music industry! Huge respect for her” and “The kazoos almost made me die laughing. The look that passed between Jimmy and Adele didn’t help. Comic gold inside a solid performance.”

Fallon and The Roots made the classroom instruments jam into a recurring segment on the show. Adele’s take on the format is the most popular in the series. However, some other big names have also had a shot at it, such as Madonna, John Fogerty, Backstreet Boys, Carly Rae Jepsen and Meghan Trainor. One of the greatest takes on the classroom instruments format is Metallica playing “Enter Sandman,” as the metal legends were clearly absolutely loving it.

Adele released “Hello” on October 23, 2015, as the lead single from her third album, 25. She wrote the nostalgic ballad with her producer, Greg Kurstin, and their collaboration was an instant critical and commercial success. “Hello” topped the charts just about all over the Western world and was certified five times Platinum in the UK and seven times Platinum in the US. This made the song the most successful single from 25, and among her biggest hits ever. “Hello” has continued to be popular with fans over the years and is currently her fifth most-streamed song on Spotify, with 1.5 billion streams.

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