Jessie J & Vince Kidd Do Powerhouse Duet On “Nobody’s Perfect” On The Voice

Jessie J and Vince Kidd put on a vocal tour de force for their duet on “Nobody’s Perfect” on The Voice UK. Jessie starts the song with a hard-edged vocal with a tonne of attitude then Kidd drops in with a smoother R&B vocal that is the perfect counterpoint to Jessie’s vibe. The pair have a truckload of onstage chemistry and they instantly get the crowd pumped.

The singers’ duet over a slithering funk groove and both of them just own the stage. Some people are just born performers who you can’t take your eyes off, and seeing two such naturals just going full pelt is a real treat. You can watch the video below, which has 56 million views. This makes it the third most popular performance on the BBC channel, behind only superstars Adele and Will Smith.

One of the real highlights of the performance is the call and response with the crowd at the end, where Jessie and Kidd take turns in busting out some insane vocal gymnastics. Jessie definitely delivers the most outlandish vocal techniques, although Kidd holds his own very well with some stratospheric high vocals.

The duet got a riotous reaction from fans, both live and online, with listeners commenting such praise as “She has more control on her voice than I have on my life” and “I can’t believe she’s never been given a Grammy. She’s the most underrated singer out there – the control and range of her voice like damn” It’s not the only time Jessie has delivered a memorable duet on The Voice, as she also teamed up with Lem Knights for a fiery soul duet which you can hear below.

Jessie’s performance with Kidd came about as the pop star chose to coach Kidd on his journey as a contestant on The Voice. Jessie gave plenty of praise for Kidd’s delivery of the duet, saying “From the beginning I wanted to find someone with a voice, no gimmicks, who could just stand on stage and sing their butt off – like Vince!”

Kidd eventually advanced to the finals on The Voice, where he placed fourth overall. Upon his exit, Jessie reflected on his journey on the show, saying “A winner is a winner before they win. This young man is The Voice. Vince Kidd is incredible and I’m so happy I’ve been able to be a part of his journey.”

“Nobody’s Perfect” was a perfect choice to show off the incredible talents of Jessie and Kidd. The song, which was written by Jessie, Claude Kelly and Andre Brissett, was one of her biggest hits internationally. The lyrics are about owning up to past mistakes and trying not to be too hard on yourself in the process.

While promoting her debut album Who You Are, Jessie told The Sun that “Nobody’s Perfect” is “one of the most honest and raw songs on there… Every time I sing it I relive the moment that I wrote it about. I think it’s important to expose your flaws in music as well as your positives. As it says, nobody’s perfect. I’m definitely not!” If you would like to see more from Jessie J, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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