Dancing Duo Izzy And Easton Dazzle AGT Judges

Very often, the acts we associate most with America’s Got Talent are the singing acts. Whether that be the likes of Grave VanderWaal or Jackie Evancho, singers have always been able to capture the imagination of America’s Got Talent audiences – but dancing duo Izzy and Easton from Las Vegas were determined to prove that it’s not just about the singers.

Izzy, aged 11, and Easton, 14 are two best friends who have been dancing together for 5 years. ‘He’s like my big brother!’ Izzy said of Easton, and it’s clear from the way that they interact with each other that they have a strong bond – and it’s a bond that translates into the way that they perform!

Easton describes the performance as ‘one of the biggest that we’ve ever done’ but their talent shines through in their audition. They perform to Fleurrie’s ‘Soldier’ and tell a heartbreaking story of a soldier going off to war, leaving his little sister behind. Young people’s talents are often swept away because of their age, but Izzy and Easton prove that talent is not measured by age and as the adage goes – if you’re good enough, you’re old enough!

Professional dancer and Judge Julianne Hough was impressed, exclaiming ‘I always say if you’re the best in your class, go another class. You came to the biggest class there is and you absolutely crushed it.’ Even Simon Cowell, who snarkily asked ‘Does anyone even like contemporary dance?’ before the audition was blown away by Izzy and Easton, congratulating them on giving an incredible audition. The next round saw the end of their time on the show – but it is not the last we saw of the duo!

Since leaving the show, Izzy and Easton have continued to dazzle audiences when they dance together. They perform primarily with The Rock Center for Dance, a youth company that specialises in helping young dancers reach their full potential. One performance that sticks out in particular is their dance to ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ by Andy Grammar. It is yet another beautiful performance by Izzy and Easton, showcasing their athleticism, confidence and professionalism as dancers. The song itself is a beautiful testament to their friendship, and there’s no doubt that there are incredible things on the horizon for Izzy and Easton. If you would like to see more from Izzy and Easton, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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