Young Guitarist Jeremy Yong’s Shedding Gets An Elite Alpine Skier Swinging His Jacket Above His Head

Excuse my German, but back in 2015, Jeremy Yong was one of the best 11-year-old guitar shredders on the planet. “Those are strong words, prove it,” you say. Okay, to make it even more difficult for myself, I’ll limit myself to a video of Yong, an Australian citizen, on German TV. And, to go for broke, how about young Yong plays one of the founding Metal riffs? One that drives “one of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time (Wikipedia)”. How about he plays Black Sabbath’s most iconic song?

Sydney-born Jeremy Christopher Yong’s IMDb entry describes him as “a young actor, guitarist, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.” In 2012, at the age of seven, Yong was the youngest contestant to make the final of Australia’s Got Talent. Then, his guitar skills got him on prime time TV shows, including Little Big Shots (2016), The Big Music Quiz (2016), and Star King (2007). This is Yong playing “Paranoid” on the German TV special Superkids: The Biggest Talents From Around The World (2015).

“That’s great, isn’t it? It’s such a good riff. You don’t have to like Sabbath; you don’t even need to care for metal. All you need are ears to enjoy Jeremy Yong’s performance of Paranoid. The song relies on Tony Iommi’s E minor pentatonic riffs and runs (it only uses power chords) and a lot of feels. Yong gets the jury dancing on tables! ‘Just who is the dude who dances on the console, anyway?’ you ask. He is Felix Neureuther, Germany’s all-time most successful Alpine ski racer.”

The other jury members are Henning Wehland (from The Voice Kid) and Chantal Janzen (music star and TV presenter). “Forget the German TV already!” I hear you say. OK, OK. Let’s keep moving. Let’s watch another classic Jeremy Yong performance. Maybe something a little less heavy. How about 12-year-old Yong playing a soulful version of Elton John’s Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me? And what about him singing? The video captures Yong’s compellingly punchy, reed-thin cusp-of-puberty voice.

Another compelling performance. Vicyork comments: “Absolutely incredible, Jeremy! I really enjoyed your soulful vocals & super work on the guitar.” Vaiyren writes: “Jeremyyyy! This performance – wipes tear – was so good! Please upload more.” Jeremy Yong continued to upload music videos until he was sixteen. Besides his music, Jeremy Yong is known for playing Christopher Bisset in the sci-fi action thriller 24 Hours to Live (2017, starring Ethan Hawke, Qing Xu and Rutger Hauer).

According to Famous Birthdays, Yong was a quick learner on guitar. It reports: “At only the age of seven, he picked up the guitar and within five months had become the youngest semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012”. I reckon we need to watch a video of young Yong on AGT. First, another snippet from Famous Birthdays. Yong is a multi-instrumentalist who can also play the piano, bass, and drums. Here is young Jeremy’s AGT 2012 audition. Enjoy.

For more from the incredibly talented Jeremy Yong, visit and subscribe to his YouTube Channel. As a young actor, guitarist, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Yong has impressed audiences from all around the world with his skills including a performance of Paranoid on the German TV special Superkids: The Biggest Talents From Around The World. Enjoy more of Jeremy Yong’s remarkable music and talent through his channel.

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