8-Year-Old Audrey Nethery Takes Centre Stage With The New York City Ballet

Audrey Nethery was only a few months old when her parents were informed that their daughter had a serious medical condition—Diamond-Blackfan Anemia. This is a serious condition, which means that Audrey’s body has trouble producing red blood cells. Audrey’s condition requires regular blood transfusions to keep her well. Despite having this condition from an early age, Audrey hasn’t let it hold her back from doing what she loves—dancing.

When Audrey’s dad, Scott, posted videos of a then 6-year-old Audrey dancing on YouTube, the videos went viral. Taking the internet by storm, Audrey went on to dance alongside many famous dance troupes. At 8 years old, she even went on to dance with the New York City Ballet. When an NYCB ballerina surprised her with the news that she would dance with them, she responded excitedly, exclaiming, “Wow!” Then, she went away to train with them before taking to the stage for a special Christmas performance.

While the young girl displayed grace and poise when dancing in The Nutcracker, it was not her ballet skills she was originally recognized for but the far more energetic dance style of Zumba. When Audrey’s parents noticed her enjoyment of dancing, they took her to a local Zumba class in Louisville, Kentucky. When Audrey’s parents posted videos of her practicing the Latin-inspired fitness dance, viewers fell in love with her positivity and enthusiasm.

The Zumba community was so impressed by Audrey’s dance skills that they invited her to perform at the International Zumba Convention in Orlando. Here, she led a performance with her local instructors and impressed the crowd with her energy and dancing skills. Afterwards, convention-goers approached her for her autograph and to take pictures with the YouTube star. The video of her dancing at the Zumba Convention amazed online viewers, too, receiving over 93 million views on YouTube.

Now aged 15, Audrey continues to post videos of her life on her father’s YouTube channel. She showcases videos of her enjoying her hobbies, including archery, baking, acting, and playing golf. Of course, she continues to dance, taking part in her school’s dance club.

Alongside her hobbies, Audrey also continues to raise funds for the Diamond-Blackfan Anemia Foundation, having raised over $10,000 through her Facebook page. She raises awareness by posting videos of her attending fundraising events and videos of her receiving blood transfusions.

Her enthusiasm and passion for all her hobbies just go to show that Audrey won’t let her condition hold her back from living a full and fun-filled life any time soon. If you’re inspired by Audrey Nethery’s passion and resilience, keep up with her on her YouTube channel and enjoy her dancing videos. Feel free to follow her journey and show your support on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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