Jeremy Fry’s Wild Dance To Bon Jovi At Boston Celtics Game Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Boston Celtics fan Jeremy Fry created a legendary moment at his team’s game when he spontaneously did a riotous dance to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer”. When the game camera focused on Fry, the young man began singing and then started an out-of-control dance to the 1986 hair metal hit. He really leaned into the bit, jumping around, playing air guitar, and singing like he was onstage at a Bon Jovi show.

The crowd got into it with Fry, and as he danced all the way down the aisle, they sang along and some even embraced him while jamming out to the Bon Jovi classic. Something about the completely spontaneous and uninhibited way that Fry danced connected with people big time. The video went viral and even caught the attention of the band, who uploaded it to the official Bon Jovi YouTube channel. The video has since gained legendary status among sports fans and has been viewed 16 million times.

Fans online loved the energy Fry brought to the table, and added comments such as, “It must feel great being able to lose yourself in the moment and not care what people think. Way to go young man,” and “I’ve watched this dozens of times over the years. Still brings joy to see this amazing young man show such creativity, love and respect totally unrehearsed and spontaneous. He’s a treasure.”

Fry gave his viral performance during the Boston Celtics’ 2008-2009 season. During the season, the Celtics won 19 games in a row, which was record-breaking for the franchise. There have been many viral videos of fans dancing at games over the years, but Fry’s performance is the OG and has remained the most popular such video on YouTube. Some have even called it the greatest fan performance of all time. Fry gave a lighthearted interview at one of the games during the season.

During the interview, Fry said that he first saw the Boston Celtics play when he was just seven years old. He went on to say that his interest in the team perked up again during their 2007-2008 season, when they won the championship against longtime rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. While the Celtics weren’t able to defend their championship in 2008-2009, the team did start the season with a 27-2 record, which perhaps led to the heady mood that inspired Fry’s dance moves.

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