Generation-Spanning Covers Band Foxes And Fossils Deliver Charming Version Of This Barbershop Classic

The American band Foxes and Fossils have been together for over a decade, delivering a diverse range of impressive covers both in live settings and on their immensely popular YouTube channel, which currently has nearly 200,000 subscribers. But as well as being known for their accomplished musicianship, the group is also notable for their “generationally mixed” membership, with young female vocalists (the ‘foxes’) covering the singing, and numerous older men (the ‘fossils’) handling the music.

The group has had many successful videos over the years, although one of their most well-received was their version of the American Barbershop classic ‘Mr Sandman’, which has reached over a million views on YouTube since it was uploaded in 2020. Like many well-known versions of the song (particularly the Chordettes’ version from 1954), the performance focuses primarily around the female vocalists, whose heavenly voices and angelic harmonies really complement the song’s wistful, dreamy lyrics.

The singers are also accompanied by a sparkling keyboard part, a shuffling rhythm, mellow acoustic guitar and gently plodding bass, all of which are played note-perfectly and consequently lend the song a calming but uplifting hint of country music. To add to the dreamy atmosphere of the song even more, meanwhile, all the performers are dressed in cozy pajamas, with some of the musicians wearing colorful cloth nightcaps, and one of the female singers even clutching a cute teddy bear.

Another more recent Foxes and Fossils cover, meanwhile, is their take on The Beatles’ 1969 track ‘Because’, which was uploaded in April. Accentuating the pretty melodies and densely layered harmonies of the original, the group breathes new life into ‘Because’, allowing the instrumentation to take a backseat and the vocalists’ mellifluous tones to take the spotlight. In fact, one Beatles fan loved the cover so much that they said they had to “pick their jaw up from the floor” after listening.

Foxes and Fossils are clearly a hugely talented group, but it’s not just their musical abilities that make them so special. With their line-up spanning multiple generations, the most notable thing about the group is the fact that they are bringing so much good music from eras gone by to their audience’s attention, and in doing so, are encouraging people to appreciate the craft that went into writing classic tracks like ‘Mr. Sandman’ or ‘Because’.

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