Amazing Italian Musicians Perform On Balconies “You Can’t Quarantine Music”

Saxophonist Fabio Marziali and opera singer Maurizio Marchini have been caught on video entertaining their neighbors during Italy’s Coronavirus lockdown. Also, two exceptional violinists Mirko & Valerio have been playing Coldplay during quarantine!

The brilliant Saxophonist Fabio Marziali, has recently been uploading videos of himself entertaining his community from his balcony during the Coronavirus pandemic. With Italians being in a complete lockdown trying to slow the spread of the virus, Fabio’s skills are being appreciated more than ever. In the video below he is recorded playing ‘No woman no cry‘ out of his apartment window after 7 days of being isolated due to the Coronavirus pandemic! When he finishes playing, you can hear a round of applause from other people, also in quarantine, listening on their balconies surrounding his apartment.

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During these weird social times where people in cities find themselves in quarantine, music is keeping people entertained, calming anxieties and spreading love. People are singing from their balconies for entertainment and probably because it’s currently one of the only safe ways to socially interact with those around them.

Maurizio Marchini – Opera Singer

Fabio isn’t the only musician performing on his balcony in Italy at the moment. Maurizio Marchini is a Tenor singer who took to his balcony to serenade his city of Florence. His goal is to keep morale high and to provide a beautiful sound in a terrible time for those around him.

Singing the classic “Nessun Dorma” with the climactic high B note, Maurizio delivers a perfect and powerful performance for his neighbors. Musical institutions and news networks are sharing Maurizio’s performance far and wide. Take a look at this wonderful video of Maurizio delivering this incredible song.

See more from Maurizio on his Facebook Page.

Mirko & Valerio

Although in quarantine in Italy these two outstandingly talented 12-year-old musicians, Mirko and Valerio, still produced this brilliant performance of the great Coldplay’s classic ‘Viva la Vida’! It quickly went viral on social media including Coldplay sharing the video on their official Facebook page.

Coldplay commented saying:
‘Thank you, guys ??? You rock! ♥️ ?? love c, g, w, j & p’.

Band members Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion & Phil Harvey all put their initials to the comment. The boys must have been so excited! So must have been the great Coldplay for this was a wonderful tribute!

The boys thanked Coldplay saying:
“We thank Coldplay for sharing our video, you have given us immense joy”.

You are bringing sunshine into our lives in these extremely difficult times.

The boys are performing and recording more videos with the aim to cheer us all up. We wish both of these young men all the very best for their future and hope they and all others stay safe!

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Music has always been deeply rooted in every human civilisation that’s existed. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re seeing once again why music is so important to us as a species.

Take a look at this wonderful video of Italians entertaining themselves by singing from their balconies together.

There are many new videos of musicians entertaining people from their homes during this pandemic. Musicians are even canceling their concerts and doing live streams to keep their fans entertained in the safety of their own homes.

Even non-musicians are keeping themselves entertained and socially connected with the people around them through music. This is why we applaud what musicians like Fabio Marziali are doing to provide those little positive moments within a sea of uncertainty.

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