Italian Leonard Cohen Balcony Singer

This wonderful rendition of ‘Hallelujah’, recorded in Caivano, Naples (Italy) has gone viral. An Italian singer entertaining the neighbors in style, using a loudspeaker and natural talent.

We have seen many Italian musicians take to their balconies to perform recently. During this Coronavirus pandemic, musicians in quarantine are trying to raise the spirits of all those around them who are stuck inside day after day. Check out this awesome video below, if you know who this singer is, please let us know in the comments so we can credit them.


We have found a translation for what is said in Italian at the end of the video:

“Thank you, but one thing I have to say: I didn’t do this for publicity or to hear people telling me that I’m good. Absolutely, you all know that luckily, thanking God, I have a job. I did it with my heart for my people of Pascarola”.
“it is important for me that every single one of us is fine, respect the rules and think about other people”.

The source of the translation is from a YouTube channel called: NOWAYFARER

The Italian lockdown is really bringing out the best in people, with incredible acts of kindness being caught on video everyday. Some viral videos have comments which are not very nice, but these Italian musicians are receiving praise from all over the world. Some great comments include:

“It truly makes you cry all the good people in world are being punished for being good let’s destroy all evil together and make this world beautiful again God bless you Italy and every Country in the world as long we people of this world stick together we will overcome any sickness and disease.,believe me our world will change for each one of us and our love for one another will be great be safe and help each other God Bless You All…” From Canada.

“Outstanding. Your music is helping all over the world. Prayers for you all and your safety. Much love from USA” 

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