Indiara Sfair An Incredibly Soulful Harmonica Player

Indiara Sfair is a Brazilian harmonica player currently living in the USA. Her connection with this instrument is quite astounding. When she plays, she really makes the mouth organ sing.

In the video below, Indiara is performing “Simbiose” with guitarist Tiago Juk. The duo have made a few videos that are on Indiara’s YouTube channel, they make a great musical pair. The performance has such a great groove – you won’t want to stop listening!

Originating from Curitiba in Brazil, Indiara has started growing a large fan base across the world with her unique soulful playing style. She is part of a Brazilian blues band called Milk ‘n’ Blues. She is a wonderful instrumentalist and composer. Below is a video of Indiara improvising in the key of C Minor:

Indiara has said that the above video is very special to her. It attracted lots of new fans to follow her on Facebook and Youtube and she really appreciated all the amazing feedback she received in the comments.

Below is a video from her band “Milk ‘n’ Blues:

Her improvisational skills are to be admired. The song sounds polished and practiced like a prerecorded studio recording. She called the composition an improvisation because there is no recurring part to the song, therefore she felt “Improvisation” suited the name perfectly!

In the video below Indiara and the talented “Chan Chan – Marcos Coll” play their Honner mouth organs with a super catchy melody line!

The video was recorded using three cameras and took several takes to capture it as Indiara wanted. Leonardo Lima was credited with the editing and filming of both the image and sound. If you would like to see more from Indiara you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or you can follow her on Facebook.

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