Han Sui Ning Defies Gravity With Mind-Boggling Balancing Act On China’s Got Talent

Televised talent shows have put some unusual acts under the spotlight over the years. One of the most unusual, however, has to be Han Sui Ning, who appeared on season 6 of China’s Got Talent showcasing his mind-boggling ability to balance anything and everything. His audition lasted for over 10 minutes, but in that time he successfully impressed both the audience and the judges numerous times, while the video of his lengthy audition has since been watched by an eye-watering 30 million people.

Han first balances a series of long sticks on top of one another, creating a large, lattice-like structure with a feather at the end to keep it from collapsing. “You need to be very patient for this audition,” comments the show’s host as Han arranges the sticks. Then, things begin to get interesting. Inviting judge Cai Guoqing to join him onstage, Han proceeds to balance the sticks on one side of some enormous scales, using force applied to the other side by Cai to keep the scales even.

By now, the judges are clearly invested in the act, their mouths falling open as Han ups the tension even more by replacing Cai’s force on one side of the scales with a precariously balanced bike. “It’s like magic,” says judge Yang Mi, clearly in awe of what she is witnessing. Little does she know, however, that she is about to be even more awe-struck; as an extra part of his act, Han asks Yang to step onstage and sit on a chair, proceeding to balance the chair on one leg as she is sitting on it.

Having truly blown them away with his audition, Han receives a ‘yes’ from every judge. “I believe if Newton was here, he would applaud you,” said judge Shen Teng, referring to scientist Isaac Newton who pioneered the laws of balance. This subsequently allowed Han to advance to the next round of the competition, where he delivered yet another mesmerizing performance involving seemingly impossible balancing acts, this time using a washing machine, a globe, and a person as some of his props.

Han might have been one of the more unusual acts to feature on China’s Got Talent, but he was also one of the most entertaining. To have both the audience and the judges hooked on a performance that requires such patience and skill is no easy feat, but Han achieved it masterfully. Long may he continue to bring balance to the world.

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