Four Washington Siblings From Mississippi With Fantastic Close Harmony

Four Washington is a group that started out as The Washington Family. Now, if you Google “The Washington Family”, as I have, you’ll see why they changed their name. On Google, it’s a battle to get past items relating to George Washington and his family, even when one adds search terms like “music”, “band” etc. Then there are all the other Washington families with family trees and the like.

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Four Washington are four siblings from Jackson, Mississippi – Cameron, Carmen, Reginald Jr., and Arrianna. Their ages range between 24 and 20-years-old. As you would have guessed, their surname is Washington. I can’t help wondering if they considered calling themselves the Jackson Four! They have been singing together since Cameron, the oldest, was 9 and Arrianna, the youngest was 5. Take a listen

That is a 30s clip of Sia’s Unstoppable. Like many up-and-coming acts, Four Washington leverages the large viewership for short videos on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Talk about close harmonies. It is a truism that you can only get harmonies like that from family members who have grown up singing together. Daniela of pleads on YouTube: “Please do a longer version of this, it’s so bomb. I saw this on another page with 1.7 Million views and you weren’t even tagged. I honestly prefer this version.”

Focusing on the harmonising, Sowo writes: “My goodness the harmonisation of this quartet group is immaculate, and such strong voices and a beautiful voice range.” Interestingly, Four Washington has 25K subscribers and 20 videos on YouTube. On TikTok they have 1.3M followers, 11M “Likes”, and many more videos. One of the reasons is that the siblings have been singing together for so long that they can easily improvise short songs, as was illustrated on the Steve Harvey Show in 2019:

That’s a charming video, isn’t it? Steve Harvey isn’t the only celebrity that has taken notice of Four Washington. Rihanna commented on their Tik Tok cover of Faith Evans’s Never Gonna Let You Go, writing “Y’all so 🔥”.

The siblings started singing together as a group in much the same way as many vocals groups in Mississippi are formed: in the church. The advantage of being siblings was that they were able to practice together from when they were young. As reported in the Mississippi Clarion Ledger in 2019, Cameron said: “We were a part of our church choir and we’d take the songs we learned at church, take them home and harmonize. About three years ago we started getting bookings at other churches and events then we decided we should do this professionally,” Cameron said.

From Four Washington’s many Tik Tok posts, which are numerous enough to be intimidating to the uninitiated, PopSugar particularly recommends their covers of Levitating by Dua Lipa, Freedom by Beyoncé, Faith Evans’s Never Gonna Let You Go, Driver’s Licence by Olivia Rodrigo, Fallin’ by Alicia Keys, Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, We Going Crazy by DJ Khaled ft. H.E.R. and Migos, and End of the Road by Boyz II Men. Otherwise start with Four Washington’s YouTube channel, which is less congested.

While the siblings intend to continue as a group, they are not averse to individual members perusing solo projects. If you would like to see more from Four Washington, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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