Dani Kerr A Talented Singer-Songwriter From Statesville North Carolina

Dani Kerr, a 23-year-old Statesville North Carolina native singer-songwriter has been playing and performing music for six years. She has loved music ever since she was a little kid, but never took the plunge into performing until she was 17 years old. For someone to be only doing this for six years, she has shown on AGT that this is something she was meant to do.

Her performance on AGT was spectacular in every sense of the way.  She approached the stage radiating with charisma and emphasized the importance of having a real human element in her songs. Right out of the gates, her singing voice is astounding! She has a natural country twang in her voice and sings with vigour and dynamics. She’s not afraid to bend a couple of notes with her voice and add an extra layer of spice to the performance. The audience was responsive and loved it.

One minute into the song, Simon requested her to sing another song and the audience immediately started booing. Simon claimed that she sounded too nervous and gave her another chance to showcase her talent. Like a professional, she was prepared and had another song ready to go. Her second song titled; ‘November’ is an original she wrote. The crowd was very responsive to this song as well.

She couldn’t finish a measure of music without the crowd cheering her on. Her lyrics are something to take note of, they were very deep and insightful. A couple of lines that stood out were, “I talk to angels through strings” as well as “I heard them calling my name”.  There’s something visceral and passionate in her lyrics and her performance. You can tell this is something that she put her heart and soul into.

After the performance, the crowd was going nuts, the judges were speechless and they hit the nail on the head when comparing her style. She has a mixture of Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, and Miley Cyrus. All amazing singers in their own right, and all those styles come together with such purity and authenticity. She wins over the crowd and all four judges. She has so much potential to do great things.

This path into music never came easy to her. She always wanted to perform music, but her stage fright had kept her at bay for years. She enrolled in a school talent show, only to back out due to this fear. Like many artists, her road to the big AGT stage was not easy. She was homeless while finishing her last couple of years of high school.

Pitted in circumstances that she had to overcome and go against the pressures to overcome these obstacles, and when all hope was lost, she was able to channel that energy into her lyrics. In some way, it was the driving force to get through those tough times.

In the six years she has been pursuing music she has released two EPs, one in 2022 titled, “Old Jail Sessions Live” and the latest EP she released this year titled, “Honky Tonk Hippie: Side One. If you want to see more from Dani Kerr, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel for more great videos.

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