Street Dancers Organise Surprise Performance That Results In Epic Wedding Proposal

This video has to go down as one of the greatest wedding proposals in history! In true flash mob-style, these brilliant dancers turned London’s Leicester Square into the perfect scene to pop the question. It’s a long dance and build-up to the proposal, but it’s well worth the wait, watch the performance in the video below.

Who are they?

The newly engaged couple are called Romi and Bharat. Romi had no idea that this was all arranged by her soon-to-be fiancĂ©e. She was visiting her friend which is why she was in England, so she didn’t even know that Bharat was in the same country as her. The whole performance/proposal was made possible by “Club Mob” who teaches people with any level of experience how to dance. They helped Bharat make this dream wedding proposal come true in incredible style.

It was in fact Bharat’s idea for the dancers to wear masks at the end of the routine. This way he could join the dance crew, be involved in the performance, and still conceal his identity in front of his girlfriend. Club Mob said, “Bharat blew the whole Club Mob team away with his dance moves during their rehearsals”, they also added that “We had an absolute blast preparing for this very special flash mob in Leicester Square…”

What is a flash mob?

A flash mob is made up of a group of people who come together quickly, usually in a very public place. Once they assemble, the group will typically perform a dance, song, or something noteworthy for a brief period of time and then disperse back into the crowd.

Learn more and credits

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