Feodor Grigoryev Bottle Xylophone Player From Russia

Feodor Grigoryev is a freelance musician from Saint Petersburg in Russia. He has been a professional musician since 1989.

Feodor plays a slightly unusual instrument which he calls the “Bottlephone”. The instrument is something you’ll never forget once you’ve seen it played live. It consists of 24 bottles suspended in the air on strings. When Feodor hits the bottles with a “stick” or “beater” the bottles produce a sound. Each bottle is filled with a varying level of water, which tune them to make different notes when hit. Similar to The Glass Harp.

The instrument captures people’s imagination through its unique sound and the extraordinary way it looks when it’s being played. Feodor uses the instrument to play well-known masterpieces of the world.

Feodor plays at weddings, corporate and private events as well as busking. He says, “it’s not just music, it’s – a spectacle, an unforgettable show, which will make your holiday an extraordinary and incomparable.”

Feodor is a really creative and talented musician and it’s no surprise his videos are racking up views online as he continues to perform on the streets and at public events. You can support him on his website and follow his work on social media. Go to his Facebook page or his YouTube channel and follow or subscribe to see his latest work.

You can see more and support Feodor here -> http://bottles4music.com/

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