Father And Daughter Have An Epic Dance Off In Front Of The Whole High School

As part of a celebration day at his daughter’s high school, Keith Tiz and his daughter performed an incredible dance routine that the high school kids will never forget. Watch their old school vs new school dance-off in the video below.

The performance had a recording of the two having a conversation about “old school dance” and a “new school dance”. Their energy and skill was something to be admired and the crowd, the high school kids, loved every second of it!

The celebration day was aimed at the graduating students, providing them with a platform to perform for their fellow students. Students were encouraged to perform with their parents if possible.

The video starts off with the pre-recorded audio saying, “You’re already going to college and you’ve put in a lot of hard work, but I want to remind you, don’t forget to have fun. ‘You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to show you how to get down.”

The video was uploaded to Keith Tiz’s YouTube account on Jun 4, 2018 and is the only video uploaded to the account to date. The account has received over 8.7K subscribers due to this one video.

The recording now has over 5 million views and continues to grow as people from all over the world admire this fascinating father and daughter dance-off.

This is the YouTube channel to which the original video was uploaded to. Click here to visit the channel.

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