The First Time Eric Clapton Played “Tears In Heaven”

During an interview with Sue Lawley in 1992, Eric Clapton performed a beautiful acoustic version of his song “Tears In Heaven”. Eric Patrick Clapton, CBE is an English guitarist who is said by many to be one of the most important and influential guitarists in history.

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This is one of Eric’s most emotionally powerful songs. Written about the tragic death of his son, Conor, who accidentally fell from a 54 story apartment building when he was only 4 years old.

Following this devastating event, Eric Clapton took a 6-month break from music. The lyrics to this song are the result of Eric Clapton’s emotional healing and is said to be one of the purest and emotional pieces of songwriting ever written. In the video below you can watch the full interview.

Behind the lyrics: “Would You Know My Name, If I Saw You In Heaven?”. Potentially the most heartbreaking lyric ever written in the history of music. The first verse is about seeing his son in heaven and pondering if he would even recognise him.

The bridge explains Clapton’s feelings expressing how he has to “be strong and carry on”, because he can’t “stay here in heaven”. He knows he can’t spend his whole life grieving over the loss of his son so he has to find a way to move on. It is a beautiful song about a tragic event.

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