Quick Changers Ellie And Jeki Leave Simon Cowell Open-Mouthed

In 2018, as part of series 12 of Britain’s Got Talent, a pair of quick changers pulled off a performance that left the judges and audience gasping in amazement. Ellie J. Park (aged 29) and Jeki Yoo (34) came all the way from their homes in South Korea to be on the show. They were visibly delighted to be on the show, and declared that it was “loved by people all over the world.”

Simon Cowell cheekily asked them if that meant that they had travelled halfway across the world to see him. This could have been an opportunity for them to get in Cowell’s good books. However, with a grin, Ellie announced that actually they were huge fans of Cowell’s fellow judge, David Walliams. To rub the salt in Cowell’s wound, Walliams stood up and waved to the crowd as they roared with delight. Ellie and Jeki then walked off the stage to prepare for an unforgettable performance.

The first song played was the Inspector Gadget theme song. Jeki came on dressed as the fictional detective and made a show of capturing Ellie in a giant net. The net was brought up on her, and in less than a second her fur coat and hat were replaced by a black dress. This brought raised eyebrows from the visibly impressed Cowell. They then continued to change costumes multiple times at unbelievably quick speeds while obscured by smoke, a curtain and umbrellas.

After the performance, which saw them performing to songs including the Bond theme and “Singing in the Rain”, the judges all stood up to applaud what they had seen. Cowell was last onto his feet, looking somewhat dazed by the awesome speeds of their changes. Unsurprisingly, the duo got through the audition. They then went all the way to the semi-finals, during which they did a wedding-themed performance that kicked off with Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go”.

Unfortunately for the duo, Cowell was less impressed with their semi-final performance and gave them the dreaded buzz. Walliams, perhaps still remembering the compliment he had been paid in the audition, was more impressed, saying that he “rather liked it.”

Since appearing on BGT, Jeki has mostly performed as a solo artist. He has appeared on many other magic TV shows around the world, including Penn & Teller: Fool Us in the US, as well as Israel’s Got Talent. He also partnered with Ellie for an episode of Masters of Illusion in 2020.

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