Eiro Nareth A Talented Self-Taught Fingerstyle Guitarist

Meet Eiro Nareth, a talented self-taught fingerstyle guitarist. The guitar is not an easy instrument to learn; there are so many different types of guitars, styles, and chord combinations. Of all the guitar-based skills, though, fingerstyle seems the most complex. When you watch a true master, their fingers seem to blur as play. It is so intricate!

That's why it's so impressive when someone teaches themselves to play fingerstyle. Eiro Nareth's YouTube channel has grown steadily in popularity since he started it in 2015. He currently has 1.25 million subscribers, and many of his videos have more than 10 million views.

Check out this video if you want to know why he's so popular. He plays snippets of the top five Metallica songs (Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, Sad But True and The Unforgiven) on a 12-string guitar. The skill and complexity of Eiro's playing are astounding. It truly sounds like there is more than one guitar playing.

Metallica and guitar fans alike are going crazy for this video, and many of the comments are begging for full versions: "I love this video. The arrangements are magnificent, especially for Nothing Else Matter. Could you do Nothing Else Matter in full with your 12 string guitar? It would be great."

Another commenter praised Eiro's originality in what can be a very overplayed song: "the best part was you avoiding what would have been the most cliche, over played part of nothing else matters, and took the amazing solo and made it an absolute work of art. it literally gave me shivers hearing you play that."

Unfortunately, there's not much information available about this exceptionally talented musician. What information there is comes from his own webpage. When he was little, Eiro was very creative and loved to make things. He used plasticine, wood, and even lead! He found an old guitar lying around his house and experimented with it as part of his creative pursuits.

It wasn't till 2009, when he decided to stop playing video games that the guitar became Eiro's passion. He taught himself to play acoustic covers of his favourite songs and a year later began uploading them to YouTube. He continued to learn and develop his technique and tried playing fingerstyle arrangements created by other artists. Soon this was not enough of a creative challenge for him, and he began to create his own. The rest is history!

In 2015 Eiro was at university, although he doesn't reveal where he went or what he was studying. In a bold move, he deleted his original YouTube channel and created his current one. He used it to showcase his fingerstyle arrangements, and he discovered it was taking up more and more of his time.

Eventually, he quit university and made music his profession. Since then, Eiro has released a single called Observe and an album, Navigation. In the meantime, he is releasing fabulous videos on YouTube, and his fame continues to grow. Definitely one to watch. Learn more about this article YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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