Tracy Chapman And Luciano Pavarotti’s Gorgeous Duet Of Baby Can I Hold You

There have been hundreds of superb musical duets in the past, but the best ones are when two different genres combine to create musical magic. That's what happened in 2001 when legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti performed Baby Can I Hold You with pop and soul singer Tracy Chapman.

The pair came together at an annual benefit concert, called Pavarotti and Friends. The aim was to raise money for different humanitarian causes each year. In 2001, the concert raised money for children's charities in Cambodia and Tibet.

As well as Tracy Chapman, there were performances by some of the biggest names in music, including George Michael, Eurythmics, Enrique Iglesias and Skunk Anansie. The duet between Pavarotti and Chapman was particularly special, though. It starts very simply; Chapman is dressed in a simple black suit and is playing an acoustic guitar. As she begins to sing, you hear the emotion and talent that made her a household name. She sings half of the first verse, and then Pavarotti comes in.

He sings in his native Italian, and his voice has such power, but somehow that doesn't drown out Chapman's quiet strength; it enhances and complements it. Chapman smiles as he sings and clearly enjoys this new version of her song. She plays along and accompanies Pavarotti beautifully.

For most of the song, Pavarotti and Chapman take turns, but occasionally they sing together, and it's like alchemy; it creates pure musical magic. The inclusion of a full orchestra accompanying them adds yet another dimension to this beautiful song and absolutely stunning duet. When the song ends, the crowd goes wild.

Although this wonderful performance was recorded in 2001, its inclusion in the movie House of Gucci has introduced it to a new generation of listeners. That may explain why its views on YouTube have surged to over 12 million. We must thank the filmmakers for using it as this is a song everybody needs to hear at least once. It's soulful, passionate, and almost guaranteed to bring a lump to your throat.

As one YouTube commenter enthused, "One of the best collaborations I've ever heard. Goosebumps, tears, emotions, memories and the best ending music to a movie ever. Thank you. One of my favourite songs now."

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