When Wembley Stadium Fell Silent Listening To Andrea Bocelli And Ed Sheeran Duet


When two well-respected musical superstars meet in concert it can be a beautiful sight and sound, especially when Andrea Bocelli is involved. When the world’s most-loved tenor performed live with the world’s most loved pop star, Ed Sheeran, Wembley Stadium listened intently.

Following on from Ed Sheeran’s incredibly successful album Divide, Ed teamed up with Andrea to create a duet of the popular single “Perfect” from the album. Andrea Bocelli, the king of duets, absolutely blew the world away with this powerful Italian version of the beautiful ballad. Watch their “Perfect” performance below.

Ed Sheeran And Beyonce

Ed Sheeran mentioned in an interview that “Perfect” wasn’t planned to be the biggest single from the album. In fact, “Photograph” was the song that Sheeran’s team would push out as the album’s lead single, however, fans fell in love with “Perfect” and Ed listened.

Taking an already popular song and creating duets with other high-profile artists added a touch of magic to an already perfect song, pun intended. Alongside his collaboration with Andrea Bocelli, Ed also recorded a very popular version of “Perfect” with global superstar Beyonce. Watch their performance in Johannesburg in the video below.

Andrea Bocelli’s Duets

The tenor singer Andrea Bocelli is known as a living legend amongst music fans across the globe. His wonderful voice has captured the hearts of millions over the years, especially with high-profile and family duets. His voice seems to compliment whoever is performing with him.

Prior to this performance, Helene Fischer and Andrea Bocelli had never sung together in public, despite being close friends, making this performance that much more special. Watch their magical live cover of “When I Fall In Love” in the video below.