Demi Lovato And Adam Lambert Deliver A Powerful Rendition Of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World” In Style

At Global Citizen Live’s extravagant live event in 2021, Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert took center stage and delivered a chilling yet beautiful cover of Tears For Fears’ unmistakable ballad, “Mad World”. While Tears for Fears’ version was full of despair, there was a glimmer of hope in this cover which was performed at an event that supports issues that impact everyone. Just like the original, Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert’s voices pair together beautifully and are enough to reduce anyone to tears.

Global Citizen has held music festivals annually for over 10 years, beginning in 2012, with the initial mission to spread awareness and help solve global poverty and climate change. Since then, it has diversified its aims and focused on other core issues in the world, and it is one of the largest charity events overall in the world. The 2021 edition was held across six continents and sought to bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert’s performance here:

Global Citizen Live’s artist roster did not start and finish with Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert. Each concert held on all six continents saw a wide array of musicians come to perform and celebrate the organization’s mission for global change. For example, in the North American leg of the event, the heavy metal heavyweights Metallica performed a special extended set in Louisville that featured some of their biggest hits, such as “Nothing Else Matters” and “Wherever I May Roam”.

Tears for Fears are one of the UK’s finest musical acts, and became worldwide superstars shortly after releasing their classic hit “Mad World”. Its morbid theme and minor melodic passages created shockwaves in the music scene and helped carve entirely new genres based on the feelings evoked within the song. Not only that, but they celebrated several huge hits over the course of their career, including the slightly cheerier, and more upbeat, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. Listen below:

Global Citizen Live also played host to guest appearances from some of the most esteemed members of the conservation and political communities. Jane Goodall, an acclaimed conservation scientist, primatologist, and anthropologist, delivered a message about the state of the planet and the importance of its conservation. Some of the politicians in attendance included the American Senate Majority Leader Charles Ellis Schumer, and Mario Draghi, who was the Italian Prime Minister at the time of the festival.

From Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert’s stunning rendition of the Tears for Fears classic, to the crucial talks that were held relating to the state of the world, it was clear to many that Global Citizen Live was about education just as much as it was about entertainment. Being broadcast all around the world, it’s entirely possible that it helped inspire many of us to seek a better future for everyone, together.

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