Daniele Vitale An Unbelievable Saxophone Player From Italy

Daniele Vitale is a brilliant street artist and YouTube sensation from Naples, Italy. He plays the tenor sax whilst usually wearing a white suit showing he has as much style as he does talent.

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The Italian sax player has recorded many professional videos of himself busking in front of large crowds. He plays his saxophone over backing music of popular songs creating a beautiful melodic lead. Recently, he has been playing on his balcony during the Italian lockdown entertaining his neighbours and recording more videos. After uploading his balcony video, he found himself being featured on “Rai 1”, the most-watched television channel in the country, Italy’s national state broadcaster. The video below is his most successful performance online. Amassing over 105 million views this performance of “Dance Monkey” has gone super “viral” with some people preferring it to the original studio version.

Daniele is no stranger to the big stage, his YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and his best performing video to date has over 59 million views! The above video is taken in Mergellina, Napoli. Mergellina is a coastal section of the city located in the quartiere of Chiaia. Daniele often performs in this location because of the great crowds and wonderful scenery. The beautiful sea views can be seen behind Daniele as he plays, making a great performance even better!

Music is Daniele’s life and public performances are his passion. He soon hopes to return to playing in front of crowds after the coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted, or at least relaxed. He plays weddings, international events, corporate events and publicly busks. Daniele is a natural talent and a born entertainer, getting involved and engaging with the crowds that come to watch him play.

Daniele Vitale is a wonderful saxophone player and a credit to his nation during these tough times. Daniele is a gifted musician who can play multiple different styles of music but is often seen playing songs in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre. He made the Italian national news after taking to his balcony to perform multiple times, including playing Italy’s national anthem as his neighbours sung along flying their national flags in appreciation.

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During the incredibly hard time Italy has been enduring recently, it’s great to see musicians like Daniele performing to keep their own spirits up and everyone around them. We have found so many great stories that have created an article about a select few. Check out the article below to see more Italian musicians performing on balconies.


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