9-Year-Old Aussie Cheerleader Cierra Flies Sky High In Amazing Little Big Shots Performance

9-year-old Aussie cheerleader Cierra has a sweet personality, but she has some serious moves up her sleeve. In an appearance on Little Big Shots Australia, the Bayswater schoolgirl showed off her ability to go flying sky high with the help of two burly young lads, who threw her back and forth during a high energy performance.

Cierra began her performance solo, with a peppy dance routine to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”. She started with some ballet moves and several impressive leaps and manoeuvres. Things quickly became intense when a young man came onstage and threw her halfway to the ceiling, surprising audience members with the breathtaking move.

Cierra also really knew how to engage the audience, with a big smile on her face, and soon had them clapping along with her. The team had more up their sleeve though, as after she showed off some precise ballet moves mid-air, a second lad came onstage and the boys began tossing Cierra back and forth. Completely at ease, the young lady continued her sassy routine and received a huge applause from the crowd.

Host Shane Jacobson had a chat with Cierra, asking her whether her high altitude routines are dangerous. She said, “I don’t look down, it’s too scary. I just get scared of hitting the lights.” Jacobson asked about the chance of hitting the floor, to which Cierra quipped, “If they don’t catch me, my mum will kill them.” Little Big Shots has hosted several high flying acts, including six-year-old gymnast Alexsa, who has some serious skills.

Cierra’s mom weighed in at this point, admitting that it was terrifying to watch sometimes. However, she gave a vote of confidence to the burly lads who perform with Cierra, saying, “When you see the boys that are throwing her around, they could catch her with one finger really. They’re strong enough.”

Cierra was a big hit with netizens, who added glowing comments such as “She is the most talented young cheerleader I know. Bless her heart” and “With one eye on the Olympics and the other looking out for ceiling fans, let’s hear it for Cierra!”

The young cheerleader’s appearance on the show drew some real traction online, with 7.8 million viewers tuning in, making it one of the most popular videos in the history of Little Big Shots.

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