Anna Richie And Joseph Gibbons: Siblings Who Made A Magical Wedding Performance

This video of Anna Richie and Joseph Gibbons will be sure to melt your heart. The two are siblings, and the video is being taken during Anna’s wedding day! With their whole family watching in an intimate setting, Joseph begins by explaining their differences when it comes to music taste, with a couple of laughs from the audience in tow. What follows is a stunning rendition of “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli that perfectly matches the loving setting of Anna’s special day.

Anna explains in the description of the YouTube video that the two siblings had not always connected or seen eye-to-eye when it came to music. They were both interested in music, but on different paths, so they struggled to communicate about it. That is, until Anna heard “The Prayer” and instantly knew that the two would sing it together at her wedding! It must be said that the song is an excellent match for the two, who created an adorable atmosphere with this classic love song. Watch below:

The online response to this demonstration of familial love and understanding one another was staggering. Not only has it been viewed 4.5 million times, but it has also received a mass of comments noting how impressive the performance is, and also how heartwarming the entire video is. Among the commenters is the siblings’ mother, who noted that they have always loved each other, but they were very different from one another. Over time, they learned to appreciate their differences and come together.

Weddings are the perfect opportunities for families to come together and show each other how much they love one another, and to be excited for a strong future where two families become one. Some family members go to great lengths to show their love, such as the family who organized a secret dance performance to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. This bright and energetic performance was sure to be a conversation point for years to come, and certainly a wonderful surprise for the family! Watch the delightful

As Ana and Joseph’s performance comes to an end, we can see their family all watching in amazement and, eventually, screaming with delight and clapping at their performance. After a wonderful day, this could only have made it better!

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