Cute Chihuahua Performs Elegant Performance Of Swan Lake

Crufts sets the scene for many amazing animals, service dogs, flyball and agility amount them. What you would not expect to see is a chihuahua performing Swan Lake. Yes, you read that right! Each year, Heelwork to Music is a very popular event and sees owner and pooch moving to music in carefully choreographed steps. Ballet is a very unusual choice, though! Perhaps that is why gorgeous little chihuahua Joya and her owner Karin Baumann have gone down a storm this year and stolen the heart of everyone who has seen their performance.

When the performance begins, Karin is beautifully dressed in a white tutu with her hair in a bun. Joya is perched on a swan prop and clearly raring to go. Even though their steps are different, they complement each other beautifully and look incredibly graceful. Joya uses the three swan props to great effect, standing on them at various points in the dance. She also jumps like a little ballerina and balances on Karin's hands. Tchaikovsky's majestic music adds wonderful drama to both Karin and Joya's movements. Check out this video of their "pawfect" performance and prepare to smile.

This video, uploaded by Karin herself, doesn't show their performance at Crufts but rather a practice that allows you to see the beauty of their routine more clearly. Unfortunately, Karin and Joya did not win a medal, but they can comfort themselves with the fact that their performance has gone viral across the internet. Karin and Joya's memorable interpretation of Swan Lake has been viewed 2.5 million times on Twitter in just over a week.

It would appear that they have touched so many people's hearts as the comments section is full of love. That's pretty rare for a comments section! That said, it's surely impossible to find anything negative to say about this amazing little dog and her owner.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of chihuahua owners are out in force expressing their delight at the video.
"Best video on YouTube! I have a little Chihuahua called Olive and I love the bond you have between you 🥰."
Others meanwhile expressed their disbelief that this was not the winning performance.

"Honestly, the way the crowd reacted, I don't understand why you and you're sweet pupper didn't take 1st Place. I think your little one had to learn over a thousand dance moves over the three and a half minute routine. Hitting marks along the way! BRAVO to you both!! Wonderful 👏👏!" So, it seems that even if they didn't win over the judges, Karin and Joya have won the hearts of the internet.

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