Hearing Impaired Baby Moved To Tears After Hearing Mother For The First Time

Charly Hears For The First Time

For us music fans, hearing is something we may take for granted when we’re listening to our favourite band or artist. However, for some, hearing is a gift that can only be achieved because of the huge advancement in audio technology.

Charly was born profoundly deaf. This means she couldn’t hear any sound below 90dB. With the use of hearing aids Charly is able to hear her mother speak for the first time resulting in an emotional reaction and a beautiful moment between mother and daughter. Charly’s mother, Christy Keane Can, uses this opportunity to tell her daughter she loves her.

The feeling of being given another sense usually stirs up quite an emotional response in both adults and children, which is why Charly’s reaction is perfectly normal. After a new hearing aid is installed it can be a strange and even upsetting experience at first as sounds you were unable to hear before are clearly audible.

Aeris Hears For The First Time

In another fascinating and emotional video a small baby called Aeris gets her first experience of sound. Her mother posted along with the video below, “When Aeris was three weeks old we found out she has a severe to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (in both ears).”

Aeris’ mother continued to say, “Although initially devastated that our newborn baby girl couldn’t hear the world around her, at 6 weeks old she was fitted with her very first pair of hearing aids and we were thrilled when she could hear Mummy for the first time.”

If you want to see more from Charly and her family you can subscribe to her mother’s YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

If you want to see more from Aeris you can subscribe her mother’s YouTube channel for more videos.

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