Carrie Underwood Pranks Fans As Undercover Singer In Hilarious Nashville Clip

The queen of country pop Carrie Underwood pranked fans in Nashville in a hilarious undercover singer session at a boot store. Unsuspecting shoppers in the country music capital of the world got a big surprise when Underwood, who was hidden out of sight, started singing about them as she watched them on camera. She then revealed herself, but not before some belly laughs ensued.

The video was shot for Jimmy Kimmel Live in the lead-up to the Country Music Awards, which Underwood was due to host. In the first section, she serenades a trio of women in the Nashville Cowboy store, after the shop assistant tips her off about their names and where they are from. The women start giggling after realizing something is up, before Underwood walks out and one of the ladies exclaims “no way!” You can watch the segment below.

When Underwood walks up the lady almost recoils in shock at first, before asking if it’s really Underwood and then the pair share a hug. The clearly stoked lady then tells the singer “you made my trip – this is so exciting!” The next section features John shopping with his lady and things get really wild at this point.

Underwood sings to John and tells him that he’ll get his boots for free if he shakes his “derriere”. John, who is clearly not a shrinking violet, busts out a little dance and then after some more encouragement really gets into it, spinning the boots above his head and grooving around. He definitely earned the pair with those mean dancefloor moves. Underwood is somewhat of a regular on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as she also performed her hit “Love Wins” on the show, which you can watch below.

The next customers to wander into the shop were a little shy when the country star started singing to them. The pair of young men looked around when Underwood started singing, seeming a bit suspicious and confused about what was going on. The singer prompted them to high-five each other and after an agonizingly long deliberation, the two bros gave each other some skin. They finally put a smile on their dial when Underwood walked out and gave them a three-way high five for their trouble, as well as some free boots.

Jimmy Kimmel saved the best for last when Dan from Virginia came in looking for soft boots made of ostrich belly. Underwood then had to improvise a verse about ostriches and boy did she deliver, using the song to cue John into the fact that ostriches can run 43 miles an hour and that “chickens and ostriches are the closest modern relatives to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.” Underwood couldn’t help but crack up on the mic at this point before continuing to drop ostrich facts on John, who being a good sport started fact-checking them on his phone. Who knew Underwood’s talents ran from country pop all the way to ostrich and dinosaur facts? If you would like to see more from Carrie Underwood, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel. You can also visit her official website for more information.

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