Carolina Eyck Gives Rob Scallon A Magical Masterclass On The Theremin

If you’re looking for something interesting and unique to sink your teeth into, look no further than this video of a theremin masterclass from Carolina Eyck. For those unaware, a theremin is a curious instrument that is played without touching it, instead shifting the space around the instrument to create its signature sound. It takes years to master, but Carolina Eyck has done so in such a way that she can pair this curious instrument with the soothing acoustic guitar bliss from Rob Scallon.

At first glance, it may seem like quite a strange combination. A wooden acoustic guitar – an instrument that has been used and adored for centuries – and the odd-looking, relatively new piece of tech, the theremin. And yet, the two come together in this video to create something soothing, exciting, and certainly new in the process. Watch this masterclass from Eyck, paired with exceptional performances, in the video below:

In the masterclass, we come to understand much more about this relatively undiscussed instrument. Between the occasional performance, Carolina Eyck walks us through the theremin and how it ultimately works for those playing it. Scallon also touches on something rather interesting at the start of the video: it sounds like something you would hear in a 1950s sci-fi movie.

Caroline Eyck is well-known in the theremin world. It may be a rather small niche in the overall world of music, but this incredibly complex instrument has attracted many devoted fans with an immense appreciation for its unique sound and practicality. Eyck herself is a renowned musician, composer, and theremin teacher, who has performed all around the world. She has produced an entire discography of theremin-centered tracks, with “Elliptic Orbit” being one of her most recent.

As we can see in the video and overall sound for “Elliptic Orbit”, the theremin is an incredible instrument for creating sounds that could easily belong in a sci-fi film. Its unique buzz and hums are perfect for creating otherworldly atmospheres, which is replicated in Eyck’s solo work. She regularly performs her theremin music live in concert, which is a true sight to behold.

Not only that, but the theremin has in fact been used in several movies, such as Bernard Herrmann’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, and in the Disney+ series Loki. A common misconception is that the theremin was used to create the Star Trek soundtrack’s signature sound, but it was in fact a soprano named Loulie Jean Norman.

It’s safe to say that there isn’t much music out there quite like this, which is only meant in a positive way. The theremin is a wonderful piece of human engineering that takes a long time to practice, but when executed it can create some of the most unique and mesmerising sounds you could ever hear. Videos like this masterclass help promote the instrument and introduce new people into the craft, which hopefully entices new theremin musicians into the fold!

If you are fascinated by the mesmerizing talent of Carolina Eyck, you can delight in her abundance of videos on her YouTube Channel. The captivating theremin masterclass demonstrates the idiosyncratic combination of theremin and acoustic guitar, creating an extraordinary musical experience. Immerse yourself in more of her mesmerizing performances by subscribing to her channel.

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