Dancing Baby And Piano Playing Hound Make The Greatest Home Entertainment

Buddy Mercury The Charismatic Beagle

If you’ve never heard about him, Buddy Mercury is a rescue dog who has become a sensation on the internet. Named after rock sensation and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Buddy’s new parents found him at an adoption event in 2016 and instantly fell in love.

This charismatic beagle has become famous for his piano playing abilities as well as singing. Yes, you read that right! Buddy throws his head back and howls, making a beautiful bluesy sound. If all that’s not enough, this wonderful doggie is also fantastic with children, especially his little sister. Recently Buddy’s parents uploaded a hilarious and hugely entertaining video of the two siblings performing together.

He absolutely loves people. But he also loves other animals!

Even cats! He gets along with everyone. He’s a little love.” This is a testament to what a lovely dog Buddy is. Rescue dogs are often withdrawn and have trouble trusting their humans. Buddy just seems full of love for the entire world.

Buddy plays the piano and adds his beautiful soulful howls to the mix. As he jams, little sis is getting on down. Shaking her butt and moving her head to the beat!

She looks like a mini Jagger!

She seems to have the soul of a metalhead too, and she has music playing from her toy guitar as she slams it in time to the music. Dad, while laughing his head off, has to remind her to be careful while she’s swinging her “axe” around.

In just two years, it has been viewed more than 19.1 million times and received 483,000 likes.

What makes this video so heartwarming is how much fun the pair of them are having together. It’s possible human siblings wouldn’t get on as well! Dad uploaded this awesome jam session, and it has blown up YouTube!

My Furry Valentine By Buddy Mercury

There have also been tons of comments showing how much viewers loved watching the dynamic duo:
“You have to love how the dog arches his back, head back like “The Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis. “Whole lotta o’ bayin’ goin’ on!” Definitely made my day, thank you!!!” If you haven’t seen this video take a look now. Have a hankie ready for the tears of laughter!

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