Cast Of The Lion King Burst Into Song During Flight To Sydney

Cast Of The Lion King, Australia, Perform On Plane


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Have you ever had such a good time you never wanted it to stop? That seems to have been the case for the cast of The Lion King Australia. They had just completed the launch of the new show in Brisbane before boarding a flight to Sydney.

Their spirits were so high, though, that they weren’t ready to stop singing. To the delight of the other passengers, the whole group burst into song out of nowhere. Which song, you ask? It was the upbeat and joyful Circle of Life—cue mental images of all the animals bowing to little baby Simba. So cute!

It’s a song almost everyone in the world must know by heart but watching the DVD is very different to having professional actors perform it just a few metres away.

When the large group suddenly burst into song, the other passengers understandably looked a little confused. They look for the source of the singing, but as the music fills the plane, they start to smile and even sing along.

Let’s be honest, travelling is normally a pretty tedious experience, so it’s no wonder this diversion delighted the other passengers so much.

It’s likely any professional singers serenading the plane would have been welcomed. The music from The Lion King is so bright and sunny though it completely changed the feeling in the cabin that day.

The whole plane seemed happy and energised, and the deafening applause clearly conveyed how much they all enjoyed it. In the last, this amazing experience would only be known to those who were there and their friends. Not in 2021, however! A flight attendant recorded and uploaded the performance to YouTube, where it has now been viewed more than 23 million times!

This is definitely a flight that we all wish we could have been on; it must have been magical! The internet seems to agree. The video has received 423,000 likes, and the comments are full of praise:

“People of mixed ethnicity singing a song thats written in Zulu and English by an American, in a flight to Australia. We live in a world with eclectic beauty”. If you’ve never watched this video, check it out now and be prepared to sing along.

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