Hunk Brock Ashby Looks Like A Tough Guy But He Has The Voice Of An Angel On The Voice

Aussie hunk Brock Ashby has an intimidating muscle-bound frame but he sang like an angel during his blind audition on The Voice Australia. The 24-year-old performed a heartfelt R&B version of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”, which cleverly transformed the rock song into a touching ballad. When Ashby lifted the energy at the end of the song, judge Kelly Rowland was the first to turn her chair, followed by Boy George and Joe Jonas.

Ashby, who is a Sydney personal trainer, had the ladies in the room screaming from the first note. Judge Delta Goodrem was not immune to his charms either, and when she caught sight of him, she practically swooned in her seat. She later made her way to the stage “to help” him pick a judge, although it appeared she was more interested in acknowledging his bulging delts than anything else.

Goodrem came to regret her decision not to turn her chair for Ashby, saying, “There’s always room for another good-looking guy on my team.” She later explained to Ashby that “the only reason I didn’t turn is that I’ve got some really strong men in my team right now.” Without missing a beat, Ashby quipped, “How strong?”, teasing the pop star like a pro.

Things took a somber turn when George asked Ashby to tell them about himself. Ashby then revealed that he started singing when he was 12. He said, “The first time I sang, the first song I wrote, the first time I performed was at my mother’s funeral.” He said that she never knew he sang, adding that, “I played sport all the way through, and after she passed away I had the urge to pick up the guitar and sing, and that’s why I’m here.” Later in the series, he sang Lady Gaga’s “A Million Reasons”.

Rowland became emotional after hearing his story and teared up. Goodrem comforted her. Rowland, George, and Jonas later started arguing over the chance to get the hunky trainer on their team. However, Rowland seemed to want Ashby on her team the most and really made it clear that she believed in him.

Ashby was convinced, and after some deliberation, decided to join team Rowland. The pair shared a tight hug as the crowd applauded.

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