Brendan Murray Is Stunned At What Happens When Simon Cowell Stops Him

The X Factor offers an opportunity to thousands of talented singers who would otherwise struggle to hit the big time. That’s the upside. The downside is that you get one shot, and if you blow it, you’re done. Luckily that was not the case for Brendan Murray, a talented teenager from Galway.

He appeared on The X Factor in the UK in 2018. He seemed so full of hope, and it was clear he had a lot of talent. So, when Simon quickly stopped him, you could read his heartbreak written all over his face. That’s when something incredible happened.

Simon explained that he felt that Brendan’s voice did not suit his song choice, so he would struggle to fit him into a niche. Brendan looked despondent that he had blown his big break. However, Simon threw him a lifeline. He told Brendan to go backstage and that Simon would suggest a song more suited to his voice. That song was “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush.

Brendan admitted he didn’t know the song, so he was given a few hours to learn it. When Brendan returned to the stage his nerves were written all over his face. He had probably been practising his original song for weeks. He started to sing and promptly fluffed it. In a rare moment of kindness, Simon brought him a glass of water and told him to go again. Next, he reminded Brendan that if he didn’t hit the big note it would be a disaster.

It’s so nail-biting to watch; you can feel the nerves coming off Brendan in waves. Although he had to use a piece of paper with the lyrics written down he absolutely killed it. His voice suited the song perfectly, and when he reached the big note, it was impossible not to feel chills. Naturally, he went through to the next round. Although he performed some great numbers, he was unfortunately eliminated in the semi-finals.

Considering how talented he is, it seems certain we’ll hear more from him in the future so let’s get to know him. He was born Brendan Hugh Francis Murray on the 16th of November 1996 in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. The X Factor was not his first attempt at a music career. He was the lead singer in the Irish boyband HomeTown and was managed by former X Factor judge and fellow Irishman Louis Walsh.

They did well in Ireland, with two number one singles and their album reaching number four. However, after a couple of years, the band split up for unknown reasons. Shortly after the split, in December 2016, Brendan was selected to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. Sadly, the song did not score high enough to reach the final. He placed thirteenth but only the top ten countries go through.

Although he hasn’t made it all the way, Brendan’s talent has given him many opportunities. Hopefully next time he can take it all the way.

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