Bill Bailey Proves The US National Anthem Sounds Better In A Minor Key

Star Spangled Banner in a Minor Key

This is Bill Bailey a comedian and musician who takes relatively complex musical theory and makes it look like childs plays. In the video below, he showcases his incredible wealth of musical theory knowledge whilst keeping everyone entertained throughout, something music teachers are always striving to achieve.

Utilising his knowledge and skill, Bill shows the audience how a major scale evokes happiness and a sense of sunshine and light, describing the major scale as “too eager to please”.

A scale is any set of musical notes ordered by fundamental frequency or pitch and they are the building blocks of music. The comedian/musician makes this music theory look easy and keeps you entertained at the same time.

Bill uses music in his stand-up comedy routines showcasing his musical talents through brilliant comedic timing and amazing musical ability. In the video below, Bill explains the EVILS of country music.

He then goes on to explain how certain songs would sound better or completely different if they were to utilise a different scale.

The results are a familiar-sounding version of the song the audience knew and recognise, however, Bill’s musical ability completely changes the feel of the song, which is what makes the show so interesting and inspiring.

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