Green Country Village Senior Citizens Feel The Beat To Uptown Funk

This is Green Country Village a senior living establishment in Bartlesville, Oklahoma USA. These senior citizens prove they have still got their rhythm and beat engaging in an awesome activity with Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk playing in the background.

Green Country village’s aim is to make sure that all its citizens enjoy their lives throughout their stay at the accommodation. By arranging and providing activities such as the ones in the videos on this page, the residents are kept engaged and active.

We have seen in other videos how powerful music can be regarding mental health in older people including in Alzheimer’s patients. The work these brilliant people do to provide a maintenance-free and comfortable life for their residents is commendable and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

The residential home is now the most highly-rated retirement community in Bartlesville. With 26 acres of land, easy access, a lake on site featuring beautiful walking trails, on site dining, business services, and shopping the nonprofit orginisation has truly grown into a haven for the older generation.

If you would like to see more from this brilliant group of people, visit their official website or follow their Facebook page.

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