Beyond The Sons Emerging Music Talents From The UK

If you are always on the lookout for emerging music talents, then you should definitely not miss Beyond The Sons. These five boys, whose ages range from 12 to 14 years old, are a blast of fresh air.

Hector Marshall, lead vocals, Jake Collingwood, lead guitar, Ethan Knight, rhythm guitar, Hayden Horrix, bass guitar, and Albert Lister, drums, are a combination of highly talented individuals to keep an eye on.

Coming from different towns in the South East of England – Tadley, Newbury, Thatcham, and Cold Ash – they were brought together by Leo Westby, the Managing Director of Let’s Play Rock, a professional studio offering instrument and singing lessons.

In 2020 they were supposed to perform at a number of events but due to Covid, their plans went up in smoke. They kept on rehearsing independently in order to polish their technical skills and be prepared to start again as soon as the situation was favourable. Now they are back more motivated than ever and ready to embark on new challenges.

Some of their covers have been noticed and praised by musicians like Inglorious and Shinedown, who respectively described their work as ‘awesome’ and ‘beyond incredible’. Also, they have caught the attention of local newspapers, widely recognised online platforms that count millions of followers, and radios – such as BBC Radio Berkshire.

Their recent cover of Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance showcases their considerable expertise and will certainly not disappoint the long-time fans of the acclaimed New Jersey band. The video has even been applauded and retweeted by Frank Iero – who is the backup vocalist and rhythm guitarist. This is certainly a significant milestone for Jake Collingwood, considering that we are talking about his
all time favourite band.

The audience on social media seems to be completely mesmerised by their talent and enthusiasm, and they all keenly await their next
move. Despite their young age, the boys show a level of confidence in their performance that promises we will surely be hearing a lot more from them.

If you want to see more from this talented rock band, you can follow their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram

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